Visuvio: Enhance

In 2021, we started to found Visuvio with our product Enhance: A software to easily magnify and analyze motion in the context of high-speed camera footage. We received the EXIST state funding, finalized the software and within the last year and I gained a lot of experience in product and business development.

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Das Shining

Creativity was always a big topic and outlet for me. With „Das Shining“ I became part of an art collective to proceed this. We’re a group of interdisciplinary media and computer experts who studied media informatics together in Tübingen before expanding their expertise in other academic fields.

We’ve worked on various installations, did performances and developed useful tools such as ParaSpace to provide an easier way for artists to include the (remote) audience. You can learn more about ParaSpace in the Codevember article here.

Our website is also worth a visit:

Codevember (e.V.)

We all have been passionate programmers or, if not, have been passionate about something else. Sadly, often in life the daily routine and the things you like don’t allow the freedom to free your mind and play around with them – or they don’t go hand in hand at all. With this in mind, we tried to start the Codevember project.

I was one of the main organizers and founding members of our club (Codevember e.V.). I did a lot of voluntary work to keep the event alive, founding the club, doing marketing and developing tasks as well as PR work.

Check out our collective website:


Mindfulness and self-care are big buzzwords nowadays, but sometimes small tools could help us to reset the focus in the right way and to release stress. With SomeDailyWords I tried to fill in a gap for which I was searching back then in 2017. You can check out the project – it’s free to register and free to use.

Check out the tool: