Neon Nacer (Working title)

A synthwave/outrun styled arcade racer.

Role: My personal side-project since mid of 2022. I’m working in all roles of the product and development process. This project arose from playing around with (arcade) car physics, Bézier curve based track generation and a lot of user-interface and shader tests.

Work in progressTake a sneak peek at the pre-alpha


A simple game about light and shadows and a rat escaping a dystopian lab environment. Our first brake-through title with the Codevember collective with over 400,000 downloads.

Role: My part in the project was the lead development role, most of the level-design and storytelling as well as the releases within the app stores and WebGL version.

Shoutouts: Most of the assets were modelled by Mitja Öhm and Benedikt Beuttler did a lot of the animation work, cleanups and store pages.

Read more on the project page

Smaller Game Jam Entries

I enjoy participating in game jams and playing around with new technologies and engine features. Most of the games don’t end up as something that is actually playable, but some games can be found on my page. Like the two player tower-defense game „Path defender“ or the few hour jam game „Seaside shells“.

Check out my