Hi, I’m Mathias – Software Engineer from the beautiful South of Germany.


I’m experienced in a variety of fields and programming languages. My main fields are Unity development, app development (Android with Java and Kotlin as well as Flutter) and web development (mostly typescript).

My theoretical background is based on the study topics of computer vision as well as rendering. In addition, I’ve also collected research experience in my master’s degree.

On the business side, I’ve got multiple years of experience organizing projects, groups and bringing ideas to live in the context of employment as well as self-employment. The last year, we started to found Visuvio with our product Enhance: A software to easily magnify and analyze motion in the context of high-speed camera footage. We received EXIST state funding and are currently looking for investors.

In addition, I’ve enjoyed playing around with new technologies in my spare time, and I’m one of the founding members and main organizer of the Codevember – our yearly hackathon event where we published apps with over 430k downloads up to now.


Currently, I’m open for inquiries and job offers. No matter, if you need consulting with the publishing process of your app, if you have structural or software-architectural questions or if you need support in your development process, I’m keen to help. Just get in touch, and we can talk about the details.